Coop's Place

I'm Justin and welcome to Coop's Place! I'm a filmmaker/producer and I use a wheelchair.

I post stuff on my blog that I like and I hope you enjoy it as well. Feel free to talk to me and ask me questions about anything.

Instagram: mrcooper82

Skype or Kik: I do have both just ask for it

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such a beautiful song. 


¿Que miraran? by José Luis Sebastiá Benito on 500px
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TOKYO SKYTREE by yukki.. on Flickr.
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The Game of Death (1978)

Tokyo streets ø by Fred Tougas
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Venus Grotto in Ludwig II’s Linderhof Palace

"The grotto is wholly artificial and was built for the king as an illustration of the First Act of Wagner’s "Tannhäuser”. Ludwig liked to be rowed over the lake in his golden swan-boat but at the same time he wanted his own Blue Grotto of Capri. Therefore 24 dynamos had been installed and so already in the time of Ludwig II it was possible to illuminate the grotto in changing colours.”